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Via Napoli Pizzeria brings the streets of Naples to your table.

Growing up in the “City of Pizza”, Luigi and his team create to inspire and appreciate the true taste of Italy.

Walk in and smell the aroma of mozzarella campana, fresh basil, woodfired dough, and San Marzano tomatoes. Our restaurants are filled with the authentic scents of Italian food as the chefs prepare the pizzas.

All guests are welcomed the Italian way with warm hugs, laughter, and endless smiles. Each restaurant offers a chance for people to visit Italy without stamping their passports.

Wood-fired ovens are imported from Naples with the cooking surface made of lava stone, directly from the Vesuvius, assuring the authenticity of the pizza.

Every aspect of the pizzeria embraces the traditional Neapolitan culture. Decorated with Pulcinella masks, hanging Parma prosciuttos, chillies, flasks, and entire Parmigiano wheels, we’ve created a little slice of Naples.


The True Neapolitan Pizza

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Via Napoli Our Story

Naples, Italy

Naples cobblestone laneway

Via Napoli's Owner Luigi Esposito
Via Napoli Pizzeria's Owner Luigi Esposito

Luigi Esposito

Owner of Via Napoli

About Luigi

The owner of Via Napoli Pizzeria and head chef, Luigi Esposito, brings his bold and adventurous energy to the table, where the main ingredient is passion. Passion is everything.

Born and raised in the heart of Naples, Luigi found his passion for food in the basil, tomato and charcoal infused streets. The traditional Italian recipes have been perfected over generations in the Esposito family, passed down from father to son, and Luigi has brought his own secret recipe from Naples, sharing his heritage with Australians. Every ingredient has a history and a reason to be placed on each unique dish, with individual characteristics that are so indispensable they cannot be changed in the slightest.

From the age of 8, Luigi followed his grandparents around the streets of Naples selling pagniottiello and freshly made pizza fritta to the locals. It was here that he learned the true authentic art of pizza.

At 15 he was part of the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani and Associazione Regina to ensure the quality and protect the value of the pizzas according to the old Neapolitan traditions.

He then began working in the most famous pizzerias in Naples and all over Europe, learning from the masters and gaining years of valuable experience.

Luigi Esposito came to Sydney with the intention to experience life in Australia and influence multiculturalism with his people’s food. He was passionate about sharing the vibrancy and flavour of Italy with a dream to open his own pizzeria. Luigi is driven by a philosophy that incorporates the traditional values of exceptional service and the highest quality produce, sourced and prepared with the respect it deserves.

Luigi’s team are guided by his leadership and cultural inspiration. While most of his professional staff have travelled from Naples and share the same vision for Via Napoli, Luigi welcomes everyone who wants to learn and takes them under his wing, teaching them the traditional taste of Naples, so that they may share their knowledge with others.

“Pizza is not all about eating, eating your dish is just the conclusion of an experience that one needs to appreciate with all their senses.”