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A Slice Above the Rest: Sydney’s Top 13 Pizza Joints Uncovered

Asking a Sydneysider where to get the best slice of pizza is a dangerous game. On the one hand, you could be met with a simple answer and brief directions — the ideal way. On the other, you could start a war between you, the stranger, and another stranger listening in who has their own […]

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“The Italians”, a web series that capture the success stories of Italian Australians.

In this episode we feature Luigi Esposito, owner of Via Napoli Pizzeria, Pizza Fritta 180, and the man behind the pizza many judge the best Neapolitan-style in Sydney.

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Luigi Esposito, pizzaiolo napoletano in Australia: «Due anni tosti senza turismo»

Il prossimo 21 febbraio l’Australia riaprirà i propri confini dopo due anni, ovvero da quando le restrizioni applicate per contrastare la pandemia hanno quasi del tutto vietato l’ingresso nello stato ai turisti. Per accedervi, i visitatori dovranno aver completato il ciclo vaccinale e mostrare un tampone – antigenico o molecolare – negativo. Dall’inizio della pandemia, […]

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Where To Find Sydney’s Best Slices Of Pizza In 2021

Whether they are using strong ground flour or the standard Tipo.oo, experimenting with different fermentation periods or sticking to the regular 48-72 hours, playing with gourmet toppings or keeping it simple, these are the best pizza joints Sydney has to offer in 2021… Read the full article!

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